Cats of Different Origin

Amazingly, there are beautiful cats that are spread all over the world. Here are the different cat breeds and origin.

Russian Blue. A typical cat in Russia that is grayish in color and has a radiant eye.  This type of cat can grow to become 7 kg. They are also good for pets at home. This cat can not survive in any region because they are sensitive to weather.

Sphynx Cat. This cat originated in Toronto and this is the only cat breed that is not furry, so it looks thin. This breed is also tall cat. It also looks strong ans has study body.

British Shorthair. This cat is known to be chunky and is not very big. It has thick coat. As the name says, it originated in Britain.

Ragdoll. The name shows its description. It is like a doll in the breed of cats. It looks so  big not to mention that they are tall and also they have thick coat. It is beautiful in white. This originated in California

Siamese Cat. Derived from the ancient name of  Thailand. It is a common breed in Asia. It is very famous for its color and body size.

Abyssinian  Cat. This is an Egyptian cat breed that is characterized by its sharp eyes and that different colors of fur.

Scottish Fold. This is a cat from Scotland that is characterized by round body, small but folding ears and slanted eyes. Among cat breeds, it is the only breed that has a small and slanted eyes.

Selkirk Rex. This cat originated in USA, a cat that has curly coat.