Leopard: The Smallest Member of the Large Cat Category

One of the ferocious kind of animals that live in the wild is the leopard. Just like the tiger, leopards are also known as large cats. This animal can be found in different parts of the world. However, just like any other endangered wild animals, leopards are also in a critical situation. They are continually being hunted, so it is natural that their numbers also continue to decline. Thankfully, governments all over the world have programs for the preservation of these species.

The best known characteristic of a leopard is its speed. The speed of this animal is very amazing. No other animal can defeat the leopard in a competition in terms of speed. Leopards can easily adapt in nature as well. They are usually found in habitat such as forests, deserts, shrub lands, etc.

Did you know that leopards don’t sleep at night? They are the same as any other nocturnal animals. Instead of enjoying their time at night by sleeping, they go out for hunting to feed themselves. Leopards have amazing abilities. In fact they can hide very well from predators because of their ability to camouflage. Aside from this, they are usually found in trees. Their ability to blend with the tree helps them to hunt their target very well.

Are you curious of what animal the leopards eat? Since they are carnivores, they prey on any other animal which they think fits their taste. Animals such as monkey, rodents, amphibians, etc., are perfect for the taste of a leopard. Though they are the smallest member of the large cat category, don’t underestimate a leopard!