Tiger: The Territorial and Largest Cat Species

When you look at a tiger, what other animal comes to your mind? It’s a cat, isn’t it? It appears that a tiger is a big cat. In fact, the tiger is the largest cat species. There are different types or subspecies of tigers that lives in the wild. These tigers live in the different parts of the world. They can be found in the wild and even in a zoo. Since these animal is becoming an endangered species, they are being preserved and protected in a zoo. What are the types or subspecies of tiger?

Siberian Tiger. Just like the Siberian Husky, this tiger can be found in Siberia, a region in Russia. Among the subspecies of tigers, this type is known as the largest among the other subspecies.

Malayan Tiger. This tiger was named after the Malay Peninsula, the region where they are mostly inhabited. The sad fact is that this subspecies of tiger is becoming an endangered animal.

South China Tiger. The type of this tiger belongs to the smaller type. It was even considered as one of the extinct animals in the wild.

Sumatran Tiger. Just like the South China Tiger, it also belongs to the smaller type. It is being preserved and protected because of its critical condition as an endangered species.

Bengal Tiger. This tiger is an amazing type. It can survive both in a grassland and a semi-dessert land.

In order to protect these subspecies of tiger, we should be the ones to show our concern to them. Let us also support programs that will preserve and protect these animals.