Famous Hybrid Cats

Here are the most famous Hybrid cats that you can raise and make them as toys at home. Careful attention is needed for these types of cats. Hybrid Cats are mostly produced by mixture of domestic and wild cats. Domestic cats are usually taken as pets.

Havanah. This cat comes from Thailand so the breed is domestic cat breed mixed together. This type of cat can be trained as pet in the house.

Savannah Cat. This cat is actually a mixture of domestic and a wild cat from Africa. This cat looks so wild having a dominant wild cat blood.

Tonkinese Cat. This cat is a mixture of Burmese breed and Siamese breed. It is looks tamed and they are mostly takes as pets in Asia.

Bengal Cat. This cat is a mixture of domestic and wild breed. Wild breed is Asian Leopard and these cats are bigger than other cats. They can not become pets because of their wildness.

Toyger. These cats have a breed of Bengals. They are not that wild but look like a tiger. Domestic breed in it is dominant. If you do not see their head and just happened to see their fur only, you might misinterpret it to have been seen a baby tiger.

Chausie Hybrid Cat. This is a french hybrid cat. They are taller cats among the many cats. They can grow like an average height of a dog. Their eyes are even sharp and they are far more very sensitive than any other cat.