How are Cats Helpful to Humans

Some people do not like cats and some people like cats owing to be a pet lover. Actually cats are worse than dogs in terms of pooping. Dogs know how to go out when they poop but cats do not. This is why dogs are more loved than cats. However, there is a characteristic of cats that surpasses human’s characteristics. This is being affectionate! Cats are more affectionate than humans!

Friendly Companion. Among pets, cats are the friendliest than you can have. They come close to you even if you do not call them and rub their cheeks on part of your body. They are too affectionate and friendly. Even if you come to kick them and drive them away from you, they will still come to you and do the same thing right after you drive them away. They do not get mad and they do not know how to sulk! Isn’t this amazing? If you hurt your friend or your sister, immediately he or she sulks and try to avoid you, but cats do not. So they surpass human’s emotion and attitude in this sense.

House Cleaner. They can drive away insects and bugs or unnecessary creatures in your house. This is one of the things that they can help their owner. They are one of your guards.

Cats can save life. Cats sometimes are called merely pets and that they have nothing to do in saving lives. However, this is not true. There are many cats that awakened their masters in times of troubles and emergency. Actually, dogs barks if they sense something danger. In the same way, cats sound if they also notice danger. I am a cat owner so I know they can do it.